• Loan against Shares
  • ESOP Funding
  • Margin Trade Financing
  • Public offering (PO) Financing

Rate of Interest

6.00% - 18.00%

Processing Fees & Transaction Charges

0.50% - 2.00%

Late payment Charges/Penal Interest

6% - 12% over and above the applicable interest charges.

Pre- Payment Charges

Not applicable

Documentation Charges 

Rs. 500 – Rs. 2000

Securities Charges

Transaction charges plus applicable taxes (STT, Stamp Duty and Service Tax)

Pledge Charges

0% - 0.5%


EFIL PLR is 14.5%

The interest rate will be determined/fixed by the sanctioning authority keeping in view the current EFILPLR, nature and duration of loan, nature and liquidity of security, credit worthiness and track record of the borrower, risk perception, trends prevailing in market at the time of loan and negotiations with the borrower.